Milo's First Year

Milo Toby Goldman was born on February 3, 2003, at 9:37 pm.

He weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces and measured 21 inches long.

Milo is named for his paternal great grandmother Mary and his maternal great great grandmother Tobe, who anchored and set a loving tone for their families. May he have the good fortune to inherit their spirit of optimism, compassion, integrity, and love of learning.

Waiting for Milo
-6 mos. on the way to NY
-8 weeks with Alyssa & moms
-3 days w/Mom and Dad
-3 days w/Mom, Grammie & Zayde
-6 hrs w/Nona and Poppa

Milo's First Day
"Baby Boy Sanderson"
What a face!
Nona & Grammie check him out
Proud parents!
What a team!

Milo's Homecoming
Asleep at home
With Dad
With Uncle Scott
Four beaming grandparents

2-4 Weeks
With Mom
With Aunt Risa & Uncle Doug
Twin Milos 1 2
Valentine's Day
Milo's first subway ride
Bathtime with Grammie

March 2003
At play with Adam
Just Milo!
What a great smile!
With Aunt Sauci
In the Gymini
With Aunt Rachel
April 2003
Baby Moses
Matzah Man
That tickles, Uncle Doug!
Future eco rapper
With Grammie and Zadie
With Mommy

May 2003
Milo at 3 months
Future monkeywrencher?
Childbirth class reunion
Madison Square Park 1 2
Intrepid babysitters
With Cousin Stephanie

July 4th Weekend, 2003
Tummy time, at last
Milo in a patriotic mood
Milo & Dad on the 4th
Milo & Alyssa: 1 2
Two new dads!
More July 2003
Visit with Ruth & Vic: 1 2 3 4
On a horse at Matty's party
At the beach: 1 2
Milo with Sandy & Dick
Milo, Nona, and the saucer

Late July 2003
With Cousin Rafi, Uncle Larry
Milo meets Capt. John
Capt. Milo at the wheel
Cruising on Lake Otsego
Capt. Milo scans the horizon
Falcon Ridge Folk Fest: 1 2

August 2003
Happy to be back in CA!
Strollering by the Truckee
Milo and Adrienne: 1 2
Milo and Jen
Bath time
Can I pull on that?

Sept.-Nov. 2003
Two in the stroller
Swinging again in Madison Sq.
Milo at 8 months
Family escape to the Poconos
Two guys named Cal
First Halloween: 1 2
Getting ready to move
Dec. 2003/Jan. 2004
Playing with Cousin Gregg
Dad and Me
Not Eating at New Year!
A walking lesson from Mommy
Fun with the piano
First haircut

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